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Cycling is a team Effort


We commute with our bicycles!


Against the harsh Riviera sun... back in summer 2015, keen Monaco commuters tested their legpower and motivation on the roads to Monaco!

Steered away from the other 90% of road users in that period, we wear clip shoes instead of flipflops and a towel for us means, we're about to start our working day. Therefore, to make our early starts more bearable we created the Summer Challenge to log as many commuting kilometres we could, and so crown our Master Commuter! 

Since we were quite a bunch doing so, why not create an association...

And... that's basically our short history! So nowadays?

Well, we still like challenges, obviously, so we set up yearly goals to mainly make this a healthy alternative to all Monaco commuters and specially increase safety on the road for everyone. With our motto Safer Together we want to encourage our fellow Monaco colleagues to consider not only road bikes, but also mountain bikes, e-bikes or any cycling instrument of their choice, as a viable, healthy and safe way to start your work journey.

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Monaco and surroundings


Who are we

Alex             President
Ivan              VP & Comms
Emmanuel Treasury
Matthieu     Secretary


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For only 10 annual fee you'll be part of the only Monaco cycling commuters association, have the possibility to purchase our exclusive and yearly designed cycling kit, info about our association's events and future accomplishments, join us in our monthly group ride with a free coffee and croissant and help us making our commute a safer and more reliable way to reach our common work place: Monaco!

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Safety first!

By now, you may have seen that one of our main objectives with MC Bike2Work is safety. What seems as obvious for any activity developed on public roads, it is our main goal, specially due to the fact that most of our members work for a company where a safe work environment is of utmost importance. 

Therefore, always always wear a helmet, stick to the right side of the road, communicate your actions, keep all your senses on the road and respect the other people you share it with. In addition, there's no argument that a coffee and croissants with your cycling buddies is way better than any hospital visit!


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