1st MC Bike2Work Adventure Writing Contest

Do you remember those young years... when you were eager to use that new backpack, those new pens, that new notepad... ?

Back to School Cycling - Photo copyright Ivan Blanco Vilar

Well, don't dismay, we're offering you the unique opportunity to bring back some of those “back to school” sensations with our 1st ever MC Bike2Work Writing Adventure Contest! Even if you're not a fan of this period of the year, you will however be able to recall your best summer moments.

Your task is simple:

  • Choose your best summer cycling adventure

  • Be a registered member of MC Bike2Work

  • Use Shakespeare's or Molières' inspiration to put it down in maximum of 500 words (that is, either in English and/or French)

  • Then honor Cartier Bresson and add your best 3 to 5 photos to the mix

  • Blend it, meld it, shake it as you wish and send it over to mcbike2work@gmail.com

  • Your Stories will be published on our blog as soon as they enter the inbox, so hurry to send yours and gain, more exposure time and likes (see full contest rules below)

The list of prizes to the MOST inspiring, funny and/or entertaining stories will WIN:

  • 1st - 1 Cafe du Cycliste Official Mercan'Tour Jersey 2018 and 1 free entry to race the Mercan'Tour Madone on September 30

  • 2nd - 1 free entry to race the Mercan'Tour Madone on September 30

  • 3rd - 1 Mercan'Tour Cycling Cap

Click here for more information about the Mercan’Tour Madone Granfondo

Contest Points:

  • 30 points - MC Bike2Work Bureau members vote

  • 30 points - Public's most liked stories on our Blog

  • 30 points - Social Media most liked stories (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)

  • 10 point - Sending your story in both English and French


  • Entries accepted from September 11 until September 25 at noon, 12pm CET;

  • Stories will be published as they are received from September 5 until September 25

  • Winners will be announced on September 26


By participating you allow us to publish your words and photos, use this content in any digital and printed form related to the promotion of this contest, correct possible typos and credit your work with your name. If you do not wish us use your content in the above situations, please inform us; this won't make you eligible to receive the Public's and Social Media points. Members of MC Bike2Work’s office are not allowed to participate.

Quick RECAP:
Your BEST summer cycling adventure,
500 words max.,
3 to 5 photos,
SEND and share!

Send your story now: mcbike2work@gmail.com


Remember, there's no small adventure, every ride has it's own beauty!

Thanks for your stories and ride safely!