When lunch ride 'rhymes' with: a good cause!

Text: Ivan
Photos: Ivan & Vincent

What better way to start our lunch rides than with a good cause? That’s exactly what 9 of our tame association members did little more than a week go, but, Who? Why? How? When?… Mmm last one has maybe kind of been answered… keep reading to see the other answers!

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9 riders going uphill for a good cause

One of our members, Vincent, who is now based in a country with a very strong and passionate cycling culture, decided to put his Cote d’Azur cycling commute trainings to good use... Indeed he did and for a very good cause, being in the Netherlands, he joined the initiative Sporten voor Sophia (or cycling for Sophia) which gathered people around cycling home trainers to collect km and funds for the Erasmus MC-Sophia Children's Hospital, which supports children with chronic (long-term) diseases. This fundraiser will allow them to expand their scope, particularly to establish a new research program and measure the impact of sport and physical exercise on chronically-ill children.

20190215_185216 - Vincent MC Bike2Work - Sporten voor Sophia Feb 2019.jpg
46192134525_f5eddf13dd_o - Sporten voor Sophia Feb 2019.jpg

Therefore, to help in this endeavor, at MC Bike2Work we decided to organize a Charity ride and with all participants’ accumulated km, we decided to translate them into euros and make a donation of that amount by our association. 9 of our members came to the call and ditched easy sunbathing style lunch at the beach, for some suffering up to Eze first and following to the even higher La Turbie at almost 500m altitude. This coupled with a return loop to Monaco clocked in some 25 km each. Just do the maths… oh come on… ok ok, we do them for you… that made for some good 225 km all together! Therefore we raised 225€, this wouldn’t be possible without our members, so join us in giving big big kudos to Gaelle, Morgan, Clement, Jean-Baptiste, Karim, Tom, Charles, Matthieu and Ivan.

390€ individually and whopping 7217€!!!

This contributed to help Vincent raise up to 390€ individually and add up to his Team SBM Offshore, which reached a whopping 7217€! Congrats to everyone involved!

Thanks again to everyone who joined their forces and remember, pedal strong and pedal safe!